Email Marketing for Bookkeepers

Do you want to create your own successful bookkeeping business that gives you income and freedom?

A business that you can be proud of, that gives you satisfaction and brings value to the world?

Creating your own bookkeeping business – and working just the hours you choose - is a dream for many people, but too many questions get in the way -

  • Where do I start?
  • How will I find clients?
  • What regulations must I follow?
  • What insurance do I need?
  • Do I need a website?
  • What records should I keep?
  • What is the best software?

This message is for you if you are:

  • an accountant or bookkeeper (or have experience working in a finance role) and want to start your own profitable bookkeeping business, or
  • an accountant or bookkeeper who is a parent with young children and doesn’t want to go back to work, or someone who wants the freedom and lifestyle to ‘be your own boss’.

If you want to escape from the frustrations of working for someone else or want to take your existing bookkeeping knowledge and make it into a real, value-based sustainable business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want then I can show you how to do it.

If you’ve been itching to create your own business but you felt that you’re not expert enough or you just don’t know how to go about it, Start your own Bookkeeping Business will give you a well-structured, high-value step-by-step guide of how to do it.

If you know you can provide great client service, add value to local businesses and take away the stress of keeping their own books, whilst earning a good living, then my programme will give you a well-structured guide to how to do it.

If you feel guilty that you miss school plays and sports days, or just want to be at home with your children when they are poorly, my programme will show you how to successfully run your own business and be the parent you want to be to your children.

About The Course Teacher

Noel Guilford

I’m Noel Guilford, a chartered accountant and business coach. I’ve created, launched and built several successful businesses - and helped numerous others do so too – over the last 20 years from scratch and on a limited budget.

“Noel is the ideal coach for a bookkeeping business - not only does he understand the nitty gritty of the client work, he also has vast experience in growing and developing similar businesses, so his advice works across everything we do. He's easy to talk to, and holds me accountable without putting me under too much pressure. If you run a bookkeeping business and need someone to guide you through the maze, Noel is the coach for you.” Kate Brown, SOS Bookkeeping Limited

Does this programme really work?

I won’t make a claim I cannot back up so last year I created a pilot programme for just a few bookkeepers who trusted me enough to invest in me, to prove that my system works.

“[I’m] partway through the Start your own Bookkeeping Business course and couldn’t be happier with the resources and support included. Well structured, accessible learning pitched at exactly the right level, with enough flexibility from our tutor [Noel] to adjust, when required, to the individual needs of each member of the class cohort. A great way to feel mentored and supported on what could have been a very lonely journey starting a one-person business. Invaluable access to a huge pile of resources online to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.” Heather Prendergast.

Overcome the fear of regulations

Starting your own business - particularly one in a regulated sector like bookkeeping - is fraught with difficulty. It is far too easy to, inadvertently, fall foul of the regulations.

The programme covers all you need to know to comply with the Money-Laundering Regulations, Data Protection and GDPR, HMRC, insurance and secure data transfer.

learn how to get all the clients you want

Identifying your ideal clients - the ones you really want to work with - is the first step in successful marketing.

If you target anyone, you'll end up with no-one (or at least no-one that anyone else wants). The programme will show you how to crack the rhythmic acquisition of the type of clients you want (and put off the ones you don't!)

learn from my 30 years experience

You may have tried to start your own bookkeeping business and found it hard to get clients or charge what you are worth.

I have over 30 years experience in the accounting and bookkeeping profession and have written two books about how to build a business and sell your services. Give yourself a break and learn from my experience.

What is included in the Start your own Bookkeeping Business programme modules?


Module 1: Let's get started

Find your gap, the right mindset, structure and name your business, branding, your home office, equipment and software.


Module 2: Compliance with the regulations

Anti-money laundering, data protection and GDPR, engagement letters and terms of business, HMRC, secure data transfer and insurance.


Module 3: Services and systems

What services to offer (and which to avoid), client on-boarding, creating systems, processes and workflow, business automation and becoming an HMRC agent.


Module 4: Software and technology

Cloud accounting, choosing software, your perfect tech stack, the equipment you do – and don’t – need, your website and social media.


Module 5: Marketing your services

Your marketing blueprint and ideal client, your niche, how to differentiate yourself, the 12 marketing foundation blocks, e-mail marketing, how to use LinkedIn properly, the goal achievement process, pricing your services and building a knowledge centre.


Module 6: Getting and keeping clients

Collaborative selling, how to sell your services in a ‘non-salesy’ way, your perpetual sales system, running a Facebook group, networking and customer service.


Module 7: Scaling your business

The six pillars of a scalable business, outsourcing, building a team of freelancers, how to create systems and stepping back.

What is my investment?

I want to help as many people to start their own bookkeeping business as possible, and so for a limited time I am offering the programme at 50% of its normal cost of £1,995.

You can enrol now for just £995 (or 6 payments of £199).


The Bookkeepers' Guide to the Anti Money Laundering Regulations (updated 2021)

Bookkeeping firms have been required to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations since 2004, since when the regulations have increased in complexity. Fully updated to take account of the most recent legislation this guide includes checklists and templates to steer you through the compliance maze.

What makes us different?

What I’m talking about here isn’t just the principle of turning your bookkeeping expertise into a business and an income stream, it’s about creating a business based on a very specific tried and tested formula that works.

I’ve developed a blueprint which combines bookkeeping and marketing: that’s it’s key difference. You don’t just start out and hope for the best. That’s never going to work (and is why so many businesses fail).

If you follow the blueprint, understand your target market, and complete the marketing and selling modules you’ve got a successful and profitable business.

Who am I to make this claim?

So, I claim to be an expert who can show you how to create and build a profitable virtual bookkeeping business working from home for only the hours you choose? But can you really trust me? After all, there are lots of ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ out there promising the earth who don’t really know what they are talking about or only show you part of the process.

But teaching people how to build a virtual bookkeeping business is not the only thing I do. Most of the time I’m busy running my own successful accountancy and bookkeeping practice – which I set up from scratch - or building businesses of my own. Now, for the first time, I’m revealing my exact blueprint.

What Start your own Bookkeeping Business is NOT

I want to set the right expectations here. Start your own Bookkeeping Business is not what you might expect from a typical online course.

  • Start your own Bookkeeping Business is not just an information download where you can sit back and learn a load of theory. It’s an implementation-focused programme to guide you through a system of exercises and actions to lead you to the outcome of a successful bookkeeping business.
  • Start your own Bookkeeping Business is not a business opportunity to make money with very little effort. If you aren’t excited about creating a real, valuable, high-quality business then Start your own Bookkeeping Business is not for you.
  • Start your own Bookkeeping Business is not just about what you – the expert – think business owners ought to know. To create a successful business you need to understand how your prospective clients think, what they want and what they need. To address these issues we built our proven marketing system into the process.

Our no-fail guarantee

We know that, if you follow the programme and complete all the steps and actions, your bookkeeping business will be a success. Therefore, we provide a 100% no fail guarantee. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Here’s what people are saying about the programme

Kate Brown

SOS Bookkeeping Limited, Derby

Noel is the ideal coach for a bookkeeping business - not only does he understand the nitty gritty of the client work, he also has vast experience in growing and developing similar businesses, so his advice works across everything we do. He's easy to talk to, and holds me accountable without putting me under too much pressure. If you run a bookkeeping business and need someone to guide you through the maze, Noel is the coach for you

Ruth Ball

Ruth Ball Bookkeeping, Stoke

I have worked with Noel over the past couple of months and he has helped my business immensely. He has given me excellent sound advice to improve the way I work, which comes from his vast experience as an Accountant and his years in the business world. Noel is a pleasure to work with, very easy to get on with and has a great positive attitude. I can't thank him enough and highly recommend him to others.

Dami Ofodile

ProBee Bookkeeping, Rochester

Noel has been an ideal coach for setting up my bookkeeping business. He is very knowledgeable with vast experience not only in accounting but in sales, marketing and other business processes. Noel is super helpful and there is no request too mundane for him to look into. He is also very generous with his resources and has a true passion for helping businesses succeed. I have really enjoyed working with him


Do I need a bookkeeping qualification?

Not necessarily, but this programme isn’t about teaching you bookkeeping so you need to either have been trained and gained a qualification of be qualified by experience. Lots of excellent bookkeepers have learnt ‘on the job’ and taken ad-hoc courses to supplement their knowledge.

Do I need a practising certificate?

If you have a formal accounting or bookkeeping qualification (such as ACCA, AAT or ICB) and you are a member of one of these organisations then you must hold a Practising Certificate from the body of which you are a member. They will also become your Money Laundering Regulations supervisory organisation. However, it is not a general requirement to have a licence to practise as a bookkeeper; if you are not a member of one of these bodies your Money Laundering Regulations supervisory organisation will be HMRC with whom you must register.

Does this programme contain all the information I need to set up and run my bookkeeping business?

Yes, I've covered everything you need to know. All the information guidance and tips that you need to build your own successful bookkeeping business from scratch working only the hours you choose are included.

Will I get future updates to the programme content?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the programme including all future updates.

Are there any upsells or extras that I need to purchase?

No, the programme includes everything you need to know. After the initial six months period during which we provide mentoring and support you can take the optional monthly support package for just £49 per month with no tie-in period.

What support is available?

The programme comes with six months of mentoring and support from Noel Guilford which includes a monthly webinar and Q&A, unlimited email support and access to our private Facebook group. After the initial six months period you can take the optional monthly support package for just £49 per month with no tie-in period.

Can I follow the programme at my own pace?

Absolutely, the programme is fully flexible and you can make progress in the time you have available or complete it more quickly; the speed is entirely governed by you and how much time you decide to devote to it.

Where is the programme held and where do I access it?

The programme is held on our learning platform which we refer to as the Resource Centre. Once you've invested in the course you will receive instant access and then you can start working through all the learning material in order. It is structured into well organised modules, chapters and lessons and is a simple step by step format so that you don't miss anything. You'll have your own unique username and password to log in and every time you do you simply pick up from where you left off last time.

can I invest in this programme if I live outside the UK?

The programme is designed for people working as bookkeepers in the UK. It covers the requirements of UK law , taxation, anti-money laundering and data protection, however, there is plenty of other content you could take and use if you are working in another country.

Is this programme only available to bookkeepers?

No, we obviously get a lot of qualified bookkeepers signing up for the programme but we also get people with other skill sets who will make great bookkeepers as well. Remember, however, that this isn’t a course to teach bookkeeping but a programme to show you how to build a success bookkeeping business.

can I give the programme a try without leaving the security of my current job?

Absolutely, I've designed this programme so that it's fully flexible. Many people set up and start their bookkeeping business alongside their current job to keep a regular income coming in whilst they build up their client base.

How will I get clients?

As part of the programme you'll get my proven system for marketing your business, getting clients and advice on how to retain them.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in working with me there is a simple application process to make sure we are a good fit, which you can find at https://calendly.com/noelguilford/start-up-programme where you can also book a call with me to go through your application. If I don’t take you on as a client it’s because it won’t work for you and I don’t want to take your money.

A personal note

This programme is something I am extremely proud of because of the number of people it has helped to realise their dream of starting their own business.

But nothing on this page should be construed as an income guarantee; remember you’re an entrepreneur, not an employee. There are no guarantees for entrepreneurs.

I know that most people reading this get it and you can skip this part, but I just want to make it crystal clear that starting your own business requires hard work, dedication and great customer service – attributes only you can bring to the table.

I hope you'll sign up so you can realise your dream as well!