Do you want to create your own successful bookkeeping business that gives you income and freedom?

A business that you can be proud of, that gives you satisfaction and brings value to the world?

Creating your own business – or building an existing one to become more successful - is a dream for many people. Learn how to be able to achieve this incredible goal… even if you have never run a business before!

The 15 Worst Mistakes Bookkeepers can make

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My Bookkeeping Business is for you if you are a bookkeeper -

  • working as a solopreneur or running your own practice and want more clients, or
  • employed by someone, either in an accountancy firm or small business, and you want to start your own bookkeeping business.

We focus on only one thing: helping bookkeepers through our online programmes and mentoring to create their own successful business that gives them income and freedom.

“I have worked with Noel over the past couple of months and he has helped my business immensely. He has given me excellent sound advice to improve the way I work, which comes from his vast experience as an accountant and his years in the business world. Noel is a pleasure to work with, very easy to get on with and has a great positive attitude. I can't thank him enough and highly recommend him to others.”

Ruth Ball

Ruth Ball Bookkeeping

Who am I and how can I help your business grow?

I’m Noel Guilford, a chartered accountant and business mentor. I’ve created, launched and built several successful businesses - and helped numerous others do so too – over the last 20 years from scratch and on a limited budget.

If you want to escape from the frustrations of working for someone else or want to take your existing business and make it into a real, value-based sustainable business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want then I can show you how to do it.

But can you really trust me? After all, there are lots of ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ out there promising the earth who don’t really know what they are talking about or only show you part of the process.

But mentoring business owners is not the only thing I do. In fact, I have set up, managed and grown three different businesses using exactly the system I will show you, and now I’m busy running my own successful accountancy and bookkeeping practice – which I set up from scratch.

 Now, for the first time, I’m revealing my exact blueprint.

Kate Brown

SOS Bookkeeping Ltd.

Noel is the ideal coach for a bookkeeping business...

 - not only does he understand the nitty gritty of the client work, he also has vast experience in growing and developing similar businesses, so his advice works across everything we do. He's easy to talk to, and holds me accountable without putting me under too much pressure. If you run a bookkeeping business and need someone to guide you through the maze, Noel is the coach for you.” 

How I can help you

Unlike a friend, partner or colleague, I am professionally qualified business mentor who is completely independent and 100% focused on you, asking challenging questions to open up your thinking and help you identify the steps to achieve your goals and maximise your income.

Why is an accountant talking about helping you grow your business?

Although I am best known as a chartered accountant, I built up my expertise in my own businesses as well as advising others and have been mentoring and coaching my accountancy clients for almost 20 years through my business advisory services.

As their accountant, I soon became their trusted adviser on matters such as how to get more customers, develop their systems, recruit key staff and much more.

And having launched two separate accountancy practices, I was in demand to show other accountants and bookkeepers how to do it, which is when my first ‘Start your own business’ programme launched with ‘Start your own Bookkeeping Business’.

But not only that, as I got to know my clients, they thanked me for the programme I’d created, how useful it was and how much difference it made in helping them set up on their own.

Creating something of real value and selling it to people for whom it makes a positive difference to their lives is hugely rewarding.

Heather Prendergast

Well structured, accessible learning pitched at exactly the right level

“[I’m] partway through the Start your own Bookkeeping Business course and couldn’t be happier with the resources and support included. Well structured, accessible learning pitched at exactly the right level, with enough flexibility from our tutor [Noel] to adjust, when required, to the individual needs of each member of the class cohort. A great way to feel mentored and supported on what could have been a very lonely journey starting a one person business. Invaluable access to a huge pile of resources online to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.”

What can go wrong?

Most people who set up their own business, quite frankly, go about it the wrong way. That’s why the statistics on business failures are so high. Let’s look at the typical mistakes that lead to business failures.

  • Not ensuring there is sufficient demand for their product or service
  • Not identifying their ideal customer and niche
  • Not understanding their business numbers
  • Getting their pricing wrong
  • Investing too much in premises, equipment and inventory
  • Giving too much credit to customers
  • Trying to do it all alone and not asking for help

Frankly, this list could go on. You’re a bookkeeper not an expert in marketing, selling, or customer service, but these are skills you can learn.

Dammy Ofodile

A true passion for helping businesses succeed

“Noel has been an ideal coach for setting up my bookkeeping business. He is very knowledgeable with vast experience not only in accounting but in sales, marketing and other business processes. Noel is super helpful and there is no request too mundane for him to look into. He is also very generous with his resources and has a true passion for helping businesses succeed. I have really enjoyed working with him.”  

What's stopping you?

There is nothing stopping you from starting your own business ….. even if you think there is. Some of the reasons people have given me for not starting are:

It's not the right time

If this is the case it never will be. Nor will it will never feel perfect or comfortable. You will always have a wobble in the midst of change. That’s just part of life when you take a step into the unknown. But this is a new journey which also brings excitement and personal growth. When would now be a good time to start?

I don't have the money

In reality it takes very little; you aren’t going to move into swanky offices and take on staff (not yet at least!). All my businesses have been bootstrapped (set up with little initial investment) and funded as I’ve gone along. A few hundred pounds is all you need.

It's too risky

Is that you, the voice in your head or friends and family saying that? Fortunately with my ‘no-fail’ guarantee I take all the risk away.

I don't have the I've got a family to look after and pay the bills

Well if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.

I don't have time

If you think you don’t have time to start your own business then you never will. We all have the same amount of time, you can’t create more but you can make more of the time you’ve got. You just need to prioritise. If you’re serious about starting a business then find the time to work on it.

I'll have to quit my job

Why? You don’t need to quit your job yet. Lots of freelancers and solopreneurs have a job as well as a business, it’s where most of us started. Investing your time is the new cash and although we’re taught to believe that jobs provide security, unfortunately this is rarely the case.

I've never run a business

What, you’ve never run a business before? Join the club. Focus on helping customers, building an audience and developing processes to deliver your skill. Think of it like this: I am building a system to give me more income and more freedom. So what if it’s called a business?

Ready for a change?

If you want to start your own business – or build an existing one to be more successful and profitable - and make it into a real, value-based sustainable business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want then I can show you how to do it by sharing with you my well-structured, high-value step-by-step guide.

Do your programmes really work?

I won’t make a claim I cannot back up. Early in 2020 I created a pilot programme for just a few businesses, who trusted me enough to invest in me, to prove that my system works.

It was so successful I even wrote a book called ‘The Entrepreneurs’ Marketing System’ which was published in August 2020 based on the system I’ve devised (you’ll get a free copy if we work together).

I’m not talking about just the principle of turning your idea or business into a lead and income generating machine. It isn’t a training programme, it’s about implementing a system and creating a business based on a very specific tried and tested formula that works.

I’ve developed a marketing system that combines knowing your numbers and each of the key marketing pillars: that’s it’s key difference. You don’t just start out and hope for the best. That’s never going to work (and is why so many businesses fail). But if you understand your target market and follow the system you’ll grow a successful and profitable business.

There are 3 parts to the programme

Online lessons in our bespoke training resource centre

Live online coaching and support sessions

Ongoing coaching support ( you will have my personal mobile number)

What my programmes are NOT

I want to set the right expectations here. My programmes are not what you might expect from a typical online course or coaching course.

  • They are not just an information download where you can sit back and learn a load of theory. They are implementation-focused programmes to guide you through a system of exercises and actions to lead you to the outcome of a successful and growing business.
  • They are not a business opportunity to make money with very little effort. If you aren’t excited about creating a real, valuable, high-quality business serving multiple clients then they are not for you.
  • To create a successful business you need to understand how your prospective customers or clients think, what they want and what they need. To address these issues I’ve built my proven marketing system into the process, which involves regular communication with your clients and prospects and a willingness to move outside your comfort zone.

Find out if this is for you 

If you are interested in working with me there is a simple application process to make sure we are a good fit, after which you can also book a call with me to go through your application.

You can find both my programmes – with details of how to apply below.